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The World Don’t Need A Bag

I have started a petition to stop stores from using plastic bags. Go here to sign it (the full link is below). IDNAB will use this petition to convince stores that they should either not have plastic bags at all or that they should charge money for them to reduce their use by consumers. This will help save the environment and free up some space in the houses of millions of people.

Your name is obviously required. So is some other info to make sure you’re human. None of the information will be used in any way except for your name on the petition. That means I’m not going to email you and I’m not going to give your email to anyone.

Please leave a comment, which helps this petition by adding personality to the raw numbers.

Thank you for signing the petition and the next time you’re in a store, remember to say, “IDNAB!”

Also, please share this with your friends by using the share buttons below. The full link for the petition is http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/idnab/.

2 Responses to 'The World Don’t Need A Bag'

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  1. David O'Weger said,

    IDNAB! Thanks Joe! Good luck!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dave, IDNAB. IDNAB said: The World Don't Need A Bag: http://t.co/YwtUwWW Here's a petition to change the world. Takes a few secs, so do it! And pass it on! […]

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