I Don't Need a Bag – IDNAB!

Millions of Peaches

Posted in Food by Joe McVeigh on August 3, 2011
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“Do you need a bag for that?” asked the clerk.

“For what?” I responded. “For the peaches that are already in bag? No, thanks… IDNAB!”

Bottle of Wine – Shot Down in Flames!

Posted in Booze by Joe McVeigh on July 28, 2011
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Oh man, this teller was quick. I swear that I hadn’t even had a drink before she doubled me up. Look at this:

Paper and plastic! Before I even had time to say IDNAB!


Coffee – IDNAB

Posted in Food by Joe McVeigh on February 13, 2011
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No, I don’t need a bag for my coffee, Ms. Targét Lady, but thanks for asking. Thankfully the coffee is already in a bag. If it wasn’t, I would mos def need a bag and I would say, “INAB!”


Who Don’t Need A Bag?

Posted in Good ideas by Joe McVeigh on January 15, 2011
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Daniel Burd don’t need a bag, that’s who. Check it here, IDNABers. The 11th grader figured out how to get rid of plastic bags – put the microbes on ’em!

I would have done this too if I was all smart like. Instead, I started this blog so I could just bitch.

Thanks to Discover Magazine for the article.

IDNAB Shot Down in Flames!

Posted in Food by Joe McVeigh on January 13, 2011
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I put my iced tea and breakfast sandwich on the counter. The 7-Eleven Guy reaches for a bag. Our eyes meet. There is suspense.

“IDNAB,” I say.

“Trash bag,” 7-Eleven Guy says.

“Still, IDNAB,” I say.

“Trash bag,” 7-Eleven Guy says again.

I’m so stunned that I have no come-back. IDNAB did not work on this man. I wasn’t ready for such resolve at 8 am. His two words, said twice, had left me broken and beaten.

I will be ready next time.

You may have won the battle, 7-Eleven Guy, but the war is not over.

We shall meet again!

Kaiser Rolls, Double Sided Tape, Milk, and Some Jerky

Posted in Food,Stationary by Joe McVeigh on January 11, 2011
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Come on, Bag Lady, put two and two together. I’m getting the double sided tape because I’m going to tape the milk and rolls to my body. So I won’t have to carry them. Duh.

Sorry about the missing jerky, IDNABers. I got hungry on the way home.

The Other Kind of Coke

Posted in Food by Joe McVeigh on January 10, 2011
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There’s only one kind of coke that needs a bag. This is not that kind. IDNAB!

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