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Philly Don’t Need A Bag!

Posted in Good ideas by Joe McVeigh on July 27, 2012

Oh man, it’s been a while. But some totally awesome people in the City of Brotherly Love have made it their goal to rid Philly of plastic bags. It’s a goal after my own heart and for that, I must link to them.

Here’s the article they got in Philly.com and the Inquirer: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/greenliving/163853266.html

And here’s the petition on Change.org: http://www.change.org/petitions/ban-plastic-bags-in-philadelphia

And here’s the link to the Green Philly Blog post: http://www.greenphillyblog.com/philly-represent/green-initiatives/july-26th-bag-philadelphia-plastic-day-a-petition-bloggers-unite/

Please go sign the petition and share the good news that Philadelphia is finally coming up.

(Private message to all of you reading this: I’ll be back tomorrow or the next day with a really good reason why I haven’t been posting. Trust me, it’s a good one.)

Oh, I’m So Embarrassed

Posted in Good ideas by Joe McVeigh on July 28, 2011

Ach, sorry about the long, long hiatus. I can’t really explain why I stopped posting. I guess it’s because I thought no one was reading.

From now on, I’ll post once a week. That should keep me backed up enough to just keep on going.

Thanks for your interest, Amanda. I support your t-shirt idea 100%.

One IDNAB post, coming right up!

Who Don’t Need A Bag?

Posted in Good ideas by Joe McVeigh on January 15, 2011
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Daniel Burd don’t need a bag, that’s who. Check it here, IDNABers. The 11th grader figured out how to get rid of plastic bags – put the microbes on ’em!

I would have done this too if I was all smart like. Instead, I started this blog so I could just bitch.

Thanks to Discover Magazine for the article.

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