I Don't Need a Bag – IDNAB!

IDNAB Shot Down in Flames!

Posted in Food by Joe McVeigh on January 13, 2011
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I put my iced tea and breakfast sandwich on the counter. The 7-Eleven Guy reaches for a bag. Our eyes meet. There is suspense.

“IDNAB,” I say.

“Trash bag,” 7-Eleven Guy says.

“Still, IDNAB,” I say.

“Trash bag,” 7-Eleven Guy says again.

I’m so stunned that I have no come-back. IDNAB did not work on this man. I wasn’t ready for such resolve at 8 am. His two words, said twice, had left me broken and beaten.

I will be ready next time.

You may have won the battle, 7-Eleven Guy, but the war is not over.

We shall meet again!

2 Responses to 'IDNAB Shot Down in Flames!'

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  1. Tytti said,

    Never underestimate the persistence of the 7-Eleven Guy.

  2. joemcveigh said,

    It was like he works on a bag commission. I’m going to psych myself up next time I have to go in there. I’m thinking Arnold lines – “I’ll be back”

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